Tumbling – A parents role in the process

What is skill progression?

Any coach who has any thought of safety and long-term growth for your athlete will tell you that SKILL PROGRESSION is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping your athlete safe and on the right track.  I think it is one of Epic Cheer and Dance’s greatest strength that all of our staff is trained in and believe in skill progression.   Each Skill should be mastered safely before moving on to the next…

  1. Forward roll
  2. Handstand
  3. Cartwheel
  4. Round off
  5. Back walk over
  6. Back hand spring
  7. Multiple Back handsprings
  8. Back Tuck
  9. Layout
  10. Twisting skills

If an athlete is having an unusually hard time with a skill the most likely reason is that they have progressed to fast or lost some proficiency in one the skills beforehand in progression.

Coaches like to use drills to reinforce the body positions and techniques used in tumbling so if you aren’t seeing back handsprings, but a lot of handstand snap downs, round offs and jump back drills rest assured that even if it doesn’t appear so, the coach is working on the back handspring through these drills.  Drills are extremely effective as a teaching tool.

What does this mean to you as an athlete’s parent?

This means that your most important role is to be your athlete’s cheer leader.  They don’t need their parent questioning why they don’t have it yet, or what is taking so long or coaching them through the lobby window.  They have coaches for a reason and you pay good money for their expert opinion.    Athletes just need you to support them and give them to opportunity to train.

How do all the opportunities at Epic Cheer and Dance play into this scenario?

Epic Cheer and Dance offers a variety of classes, clinics and private lessons to fit any budget and or schedule.  We have 1 hour tumbling classes, ½ hour power classes, 2-3 hour clinics, private lessons for one on one instruction, we even have open gym on Friday nights that is free to members to come in and work on skills.  The most important thing to remember about getting your athlete to the gym is to stay consistent; tumbling is nothing like riding a bike.  You have to keep on working on it at all times to avoid moving backward.

Private lessons are the fastest way to achieve skills but are also the most expensive.  Tumbling classes are good as well but you should try to make sure your athlete comes on a very consistent schedule 2-3 times per week.

The best solution is to make sure that you have a good mix of all these offerings.  We offer a lot of different options and opportunities to make sure that there are plenty of options for busy schedules and tight budgets.  Whatever your budget or schedule try to get into tumbling at the very least once per week in some setting outside your regular practice

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